About Social Chain

Social Chain is the first integrated social media company. It uses its world-leading reach, industry-defining marketing capabilities and first-party data to build and scale owned social media brands. By definition these are modern brands that have been inspired, driven and loved by social media users.

Our Journey

Europe's leading social media publishers combine to form a social publishing house called Social Chain.
Social Chain becomes Europe’s most engaged social publisher and launches its social marketing division, Social Chain Agency.
Social Chain opens another European headquarters in Germany and a US headquarter in New York, launching its first-party data and insights studio later that year.
Social Chain begins using its media, marketing and data capabilities to build and scale owned brands and social events.
Social Chain expands its product range and for the first time employs over 300 people.
Social Chain becomes a public listed company on the Düsseldorf stock exchange through the merger of The Social Chain Group AG and Lumaland AG..

Our Management Board

Our Supervisory Board

Steven BartlettCo-CEO
Wanja Sören Oberhof Co-CEO
Dr. Georg Kofler Chairman
Ingo Schiller Supervisory board member
Henning Giesecke Supervisory board member