Diverse. Fair. Human.

Our company values underpin everything we do. They improve the quality of our work and are pivotal to our decision-making. Our culture isn't for show. It is how we cultivate our business growth. We give every team member a voice while encouraging healthy attitudes, providing a unique environment to work in, rewarding constructive behaviours and sharing work ethic standards.

With offices around the world.

Gormannstr. 22, 10119 Berlin
127 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 4PZ
13-14 Dean Street, Soho, London, W1D 3RS
New York
260 5th Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, 10001
Flößergasse 2, 81369 Munich
Alley 1 Khlongtoey, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

The reason we exist

Social Chain has three existential values that encapsulate why we exist. These are our Work, Welfare and World values.


The value that we collectively offer the world.

Using our combined creativity, talent, skills, care and knowledge to produce unique and necessary value for our people, our partners and our products.


The health, happiness & fortunes of a person or group.

To build a happy, diverse and connected community of kind, talented, healthy and supportive friends and teammates that enjoy their work, where they work, when they work, how they work and who they work with. And in doing so, to inspire the world of work to re-think itself.


The peace and prosperity of people and planet, now and in the future.

Through direct action, through our influence, and through our example, we will work to end social injustice, fight inequality, stop climate change and raise awareness for issues that matter to us.

Create your own opportunity

We believe people define businesses, and we believe that the quality and diversity of our talent will be the single most important factor to ours. If there’s nothing that catches your eye right now, get in contact anyway. Tell us about yourself, your story and your skills and we’ll keep you in mind for all current and future roles.